Test description - product sheet

👉🏻 Reusable up to 1000 times
👉🏻 Almost indestructible
👉🏻 Saving paper for you and the planet


    • Technical characteristics

      A4 format: 293 x 208 mm, 60 pages, pen holder, microfiber wipe and black pen included.

      A5 format: 207 x 146 mm, 60 pages, pen holder, microfiber wipe and black pen included.

      A6 format: 145 x 102 mm, 60 pages, microfiber cloth and black pen included.

    • Recommendations

      Keep your notebook protected from extreme conditions to preserve your notes (rain, heat + 70°C)

      Pen ink fades with humidity and heat (+70°C)

      Do not heat a wet page

      Do not use disinfectant wipes or any other solutions containing alcohol or chemicals

      Make sure the pages are completely dry before closing the notebook to prevent the pages from sticking

      For optimal use of your Econotes, please consult our user guide by clicking here .


    • A unique paper

      Flexible, for optimal writing comfort.
      Tear-proof and waterproof, designed to be reused again and again.
      Recyclable, from its cover to its last page, your Econotes reusable notebook can be recycled in the yellow trash!

    • 3 options to erase

      After saving your notes you can use:

      - The eraser equipped on your gel pen, for precise correction
      - A damp cloth for quick correction
      - A hairdryer to refurbish your notebook

    • Save your notes

      Download the Adobe Scan app:

      - Scan your notes
      - Upload your notes and drawings
      - Store securely in the cloud
      - Share your work via your phone