Our history

The genesis

After shared experiences in Australia, Stephen, Faustine and Luc settled in the south of France to develop their brand of reusable notebooks, Econotes.
This experience in Australia fueled their strength and ambition by shaping a very strong desire for entrepreneurship.
It was then that, in 2018, Stephen looked at the paper industry, the production of which can be more polluting than we imagine. There are few things more ephemeral than paper!

It was in 2019 that Econotes was born, with an innovative and responsible solution, offering notebooks of a new kind, you can write, erase, start again.

Our history

The first reusable diary

Every year millions of diaries end up in the trash with only a few pages used.

This is where the idea was born, to adapt the econotebook to a diary format, without a date, which could be reused from one year to the next and thus limit paper waste.

Our history

The first reusable notebooks made in France

With the fierce will of our community and the entire econotes team, we achieved the feat in 2021 of relocating production to France, without increasing our prices, while improving the quality of our products.

Our history

Repositionable and reusable sticky notes

This is the first product that our econoteurs requested from us after the release of the very first econotebook.

But how can you create a reusable “post-it” if it no longer sticks to surfaces after a few uses?

In 2022, we found the solution...

Our history

Econotebook becomes econotes

At the beginning, there was the econotebook, the first reusable notebook.

Then comes the agenda, the ecostiks...

Today, we no longer just make notebooks, but a whole range of stationery products aimed at reducing paper waste.

With econotes, we reaffirm our desire to offer sustainable solutions.

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