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Ranking of the 10 best reusable notebooks in 2023! 😎

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Are you looking to combine practicality & environmental responsibility with an uncompromising writing experience? Quality becomes a crucial element. In our quest to find the best reusable notebooks of 2023, we focused on products that combine durability and performance, and here's what we found. Discover our comparison of 10 reusable notebooks, what is a reusable notebook? Quite simply an erasable notebook that can be reused! But what is the best reusable notebook ? Well it all depends on your needs, let's look at the available choices together. 😉

What are the 10 best reusable notebooks in 2023?📕

TOP 10 erasable notebooks🏆:

1. Econotebook, the best French reusable notebook from the econotes strat-up .

2. Rocketbook Core, the best digital reusable notebook.

3. WhyNote, the best Swiss reusable notebook.

4. Value for money: Homestec A5

5. Best reusable notebook for organization: Rocketbook Fusion A4

6. Best high-end notebook: Elfinbook Mini

7. The best pocket-sized reusable notebook: O'bureau reusable notepad (A6 format)

8. The best reusable diary: econotes, funky colored reusable diary!😎

9. Guyucom A5

10. Best notebook for children: Jaq Jaq Bird Forest

1. The Econotebook (A5 format) - The best reusable notebook, made in France. 🕊️

If you are looking for a French erasable notebook that combines quality, durability and practicality, the Econotebook in A5 format is the best reusable notebook and it is FRENCH. With its sleek design and premium construction, it delivers a superior, paper-like writing experience in a convenient format. The smooth and durable pages of this notebook guarantee clean and effortless erasing, while its advanced erasing technology allows unlimited reuse and foolproof robustness (water, tearing). Whether you're a student on the go or a professional looking for a sleek, compact notebook, the Econotebook A5 is the perfect companion for capturing your ideas while reducing your environmental footprint. Eco-responsible and recyclable , the 2023 range from the 100% French brand is the best on the market from a quality point of view!

econotebook blue notebook

Advantages of the Econotebook (A5):
  • French company and 100% French product
  • Scan your notes with Camscanner
  • Flexible, durable
  • Reusable +1000 times per page
  • 3 page formats
  • Many designs and collections
  • Possibility of recycling the notebook
  • Comes with an Econotes erasable pen
  • Works with pilot frixion pens


  • Uses Camscanner, doesn't have its own app yet.

2. Rocketbook Core (A5 size) – The best digital reusable notebook. 🤖

The Rocketbook Core is an ingenious reinvention of the erasable notebook that combines the notebook with a technological twist. This erasable notebook is designed for use with the Rocketbook app, providing an unrivaled hybrid note-taking experience. The Rocketbook Core's pages are of exceptional quality, offering smooth writing and residue-free erasing. However, the magic lies in its digital integration, which allows you to scan and save your notes in the blink of an eye. For those looking for classic build quality with a hint of modernity, the Rocketbook Core is the answer to your needs.

Rocketbook everlast core A4 reusable notebook with accessories

37.99 euros on Rocketbook

Benefits of the Rocketbook Core Reusable Notebook

  • 3 formats
  • Up to 8 colors available (official website)
  • Intuitive app
  • + 33,000 reviews on Amazon
  • Comes with Frixion Pilot pen and cloth
  • Slightly long drying time


3. Whynotebook (A5 format) - The best reusable notebook in Switzerland!🎉

Each Whynote reusable notebook is carefully assembled in Switzerland, using exclusively paper from FSC-certified forests. This approach ensures an end-to-end environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Whynote notebooks come in a diverse range of sizes, styles and designs, suitable for a wide variety of preferences.

If you are looking for a solution for taking notes in an eco-friendly way, the Whynote A5 reusable notebook is an interesting option. It combines ease of use with environmental awareness, creating a harmonious synthesis between modern technology and eco-responsibility.

Whynote Book A5 reusable notebook blue dog and accessories
Advantages of the WhyNote erasable notebook (A5)
  • Very original illustrations (28 models)
  • FSC certified paper
  • Made In Switzerland
  • Very practical Click Bind
  • Minimum 300 uses per page
    • No app (possibility of using a third-party app)
    • Markers and not pens


    4. Value for money: Homestec A5

    Each of the pages is made of stone paper, which retains its structure even when wet and is reusable up to 500 times.

    This reusable digital notebook of the brand Homestec is not only affordable, but it also saves you money for every notebook you don't buy.

    3 formats are offered to you for very varied and well-defined uses. From classic A4 to B5, capture your notes, drawings, lists and thoughts with a compatible application, store them securely with the cloud service of your choice!

    The smart notebook is compatible with the CamScanner and Newyes Note apps , which turn images in your notebook into PDF or JPG files for easy storage.

    So, they are not only better for your budget , but also for the environment, so it's a smart investment .

    Homestec A5 brown erasable reusable notebook in PU leather
    © Homestec A5 Brown PU Leather Smart Notebook - Amazon

                                             €21.95 ON AMAZON

    Advantages of Homestec A5

    • Attractive price
    • PU synthetic leather
    • 500 uses per page (minimum)
    • 100 pages
    • ⅘ stars on Amazon

    Disadvantages of the digital notepad

    • Application with advertisements
    • Ink drying time

    5. Best reusable notebook for organization: Rocketbook Fusion A4

    With over seven different layouts offered in this reusable notebook, Rocketbook gives you a versatile and eco-friendly digital notebook.

    It is considered one of the best multi-purpose reusable notebooks available in the market. It proves to be a practical time management tool that boosts your productivity and keeps your organization in check.

    This notebook can be used to take notes in meetings, track your to-do list, or even plan your weeks and months for impeccable organization!

    Rocketbook fusion A4 reusable notebook with accessories

    © Rocketbook Fusion A4 reusable notebook - Amazon   


            €42.95 ON AMAZON

    Benefits of Rocketbook Fusion

    • 7 page templates
    • Easy to use application
    • Use of stone paper
    • Up to 8 colors
    • Best organization

    Disadvantages of the digital notebook

    • Ink drying time

    6. Best high-end notebook: Elfinbook Mini

    This notebook is the ideal gift to give to a loved one. Its compact format gives it an undeniable vintage and high-end aesthetic.

    The ring binder option offered by Elfinbook makes it similar to a small binder, but with the advantage of reusable pages that can be erased up to around 500 times with a simple damp cloth.

    To improve your handwritten note-taking experience, don't forget to download the free Elfinbook app. You will find a VIP code included in the manual that will allow you to access a premium account.

    Elfinbook Mini reusable digital notepad brown
    © Elfinbook Mini digital notepad - Amazon
    €28.00 ON AMAZON

    Advantages of the Elfinbook Mini

    • Vintage
    • Imitation leather
    • Ideal for gift
    • Aesthetic
    • 6 colors

    Disadvantages of the notebook

    • Nothing to report

    7. The best reusable pocket-sized notebook: O'bureau notepad (A6 format)

    In this top 10 of the best reusable notebooks, we find the O'bureau A6 reusable notepad . It is the best reusable notebook in terms of quality/price ratio when it comes to pocket notepads. Like other members of the econotes family, this responsible jewelry is available in a variety of colors.

    It's a great travel companion, but it's also suitable for those who need to quickly jot down information like journalists, waiters, medical staff, etc.

    Take this reusable notepad wherever you want and whenever you want! Scan, also share your notes to access them later. Once finished, take a damp cloth and clean it, it will be like new again.

    Reusable 0'office notepad

                                                      19.90 on

    Advantages of the O'bureau (A6 format)

    • Compact
    • Light
    • recyclable in France
    • O'bureau collection, the collection for professionals

    Disadvantages of the digital notepad

    • Nothing to report

    8. The best reusable diary: econotes, funky colored reusable diary!😎

    Use the reusable diary to increase your productivity . It can help you prioritize your daily, weekly, and monthly goals and track your progress to help you develop better habits .

    No need to worry about losing your notes because you can scan them with adobescan or camscanner.


    econotes reusable diary

    44.90 euros on

    Advantages of the econotes reusable diary

    • 3 elegant colors
    • Better organization
    • Scanning is possible
    • Highly rated on Trust Pilot

    Disadvantages of the reusable planner

    • Nothing to report

    9. Guyucom A5

    Half of the Guyucom reusable sheets are lined and the rest have dotted grids . It 's reasonably priced and allows you to upload sketches and your notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, and several other cloud storage services.

    Easy to use, simple and practical, the Guyucom A5 reusable notebook is suitable for small budgets .

    Homestec reusable notebook A5 black format with pen and bookmark
    © Homestec black A5 reusable notebook - Amazon

          €20.99 ON AMAZON

    Advantages of the Guyucom A5

    • Attractive price
    • Ecological
    • Use per page minimum of 500 times
    • Cheap reusable notebook

    Disadvantages of the reusable notebook

    • Camscanner app

    10. Best notebook for children: Jaq Jaq Bird Forest

    The Jaq Jaq Bird slate notebook is very resistant splash-proof and is ideal for all ages. It combines the functions of a notebook, whiteboard and blackboard.

    The writing experience is just as intuitive as writing on paper, but the slate notebook is infinitely reusable and helps preserve trees with each use, especially when your child draws a lot.

    It comes with vegetable chalks non-toxic for children. Your child can recreate all the colors by mixing them with a small amount of water. It's a great alternative to screens that can stimulate children's imagination and develop their creativity !

    Not only can you save paper, but you and your child are doing something for the planet .

    Green Forest slate notebook with animal and tree drawing
    © Forest slate notebook - Amazon

    Advantages of the slate notebook

    • Resistant
    • Easy to clean
    • 4 vegetable chalks
    • 12 pretty designs

    Disadvantage Jaq Jaq Bird

    • Slightly greasy chalk

                                       €22.95 ON AMAZON   

    ALTERNATIVE : econotes CABOUX-TCHOUX, the reusable notebook for children, writing close to paper:
    Reusable children's notebook


    Econotes says goodbye, but not goodbye! ❤️

    In the meantime, take notes with the notebook of your choice, the important thing is that it is REUSABLE and best suited to your needs and don't forget to reduce and above all reuse!

    Until next time, with erasable notes and unforgettable laughter! 🚀😄📚

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