How to revise effectively? ✏️

Réviser efficacement

Ah, the famous courseup, the headache of many students. Once you have obtained the BAC, you are presented with the stressful choice of: YOUR FUTURE (I've been there) CPGE, IUT, university, school... No matter your path, you will need simple school supplies , but also to revise effectively. You know, binders, pens, notebooks, all that to help you organize yourself well and use them intelligently.

What school supplies for college?

The thing is, unlike the high school days, college doesn't hand you a turnkey list and a simple innovative supply can change your future. It's up to you to play detective to find the essentials. But don't panic, we're here to help you put together a smart and economical list of school supplies. History of living your year of higher studies in complete peace, with impeccable note-taking and top-notch organization.

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1. Memory and note-taking! 🧠

In the first part of our exploration of effective revision, we will delve into the art of effective lesson memorization and make no mistake, this has a link with the choice of school supplies .

One of the key memories is kinesthetic memory, associated with movement and touch. It is this memory that comes into play when you take notes by hand, highlight important passages, create diagrams, mind maps or a mental map. Using this memory in class can significantly strengthen your retention of information. Additionally, visual memory also plays a crucial role. It manifests itself when you visualize mental images related to the content you are learning. Combining these memory types can help you remember lessons more effectively.

Revise effectively

The hand, an extension of the mind!👌

The hand is your accomplice in this note-taking adventure to revise effectively and memorize better. When you pick up the quill (or the erasable pen), it's like your brain is saying, "Hey, we're in action!" The act of writing by hand activates kinesthetic memory, which loves movement and touch. It creates a powerful connection between your brain and the words you put on paper. Basically, it's like you're burning the information into your memory. In addition, writing by hand boosts concentration, because you have to be fully engaged in what you are doing. So, to remember like a pro, trust your hand and let it dance on the paper! 📝💃

2. Scan your notes & use an erasable notebook (one of the crucial school supplies) 😉

We move on to the second round of our exploration, and we talk about the art of digitizing your notes and the futuristic use of erasable notebooks. These little ones are here to revolutionize the way you take notes.

Imagine: you write with a pen on an erasable notebook, you used your hand and your brain retained the information and presto, you scan your notes with camscanner or adobescan for filing, they are ready to be shared or archived. No more tons of paper to carry around and instead of throwing away the notebook you used, you erase it with a spray and water and your reusable notebook is like new, incredible right?!. You combine the tradition of handwriting with the magic of digital technology.

Several types of pages are available depending on your needs: small squares , large squares , dotted , white & lines .

And as a bonus, you're doing something for the planet by saving trees. In short, this is the future of note-taking! 📱📝🌍

3. The importance of reusable sticky notes!

In the third round, we delve into the importance of these repositionable adhesive notes but why not reusable and erasable sticky notes like the notebook😎, it saves money for your pockets, your evenings and for the planet.

These little nuggets of sustainable stationery help you stay on top of your homework, appointments and other crucial tasks.

Because let's be honest, between classes, projects, and social life, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Reusable sticky notes are like having a sidekick to remind you of everything from the next lecture you don't forget to buying coffee to stay awake in class. Whether it's small tasks, little words scribbled on your erasable notebook, exam reminders, key words, they are there for you.

So use them, abuse them, and watch your student life become incredibly easier. 📚

For erasable notebooks, check our site: 😎

Questions ? "What is this ?" “How they stick” I wrote a dedicated article on the sticky notes of tomorrow: ECOSTICKS ☘️

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