Time management: 12 effective tips to better manage your time!

Gestion du temps, gérer son temps

Time management is a bit complicated for all of us, isn’t it?

We all feel like time is slipping through our fingers faster than we can say the word “coffee.” In this article, we are going to talk about time management, to become more productive . We reveal 12 daily tips to you in a slightly less chaotic way. Get ready, we're going to demystify this thing called time together and find out how to get organized ! 🕰️

Management of time

What is time management?

Time management involves effectively organizing and planning daily activities to optimize productivity and achieve personal or professional goals. It involves prioritizing tasks , using available time wisely, and minimizing distractions to maximize efficiency.

1. Establish objectives to become more efficient 🔎

Establishing clear goals is the cornerstone of being able to manage your time effectively. Drawing on research and books on time management, it is crucial to understand that defined goals provide a compass for navigating the daily maze of tasks and responsibilities.

2. Plan your day using a reusable planner 📙

Daily planning is often neglected but it becomes a real ally for better time management , especially when we explore tools like reusable diaries, a trend inspired by the quest for sustainability and efficiency.

In an era where environmental awareness guides most of our choices and SO MUCH BETTER, reusable diaries are emerging as essential companions. Inspired by eco-responsible principles, these sustainable diaries allow you to reconcile time management with a reduced ecological footprint and to create your to-do lists and define your objectives in dedicated pages to be more organized. Erasable pages with just a wipe and tap water, if you have more questions go to "The econotes FAQ" .

3. Identify and prioritize priority tasks🔼

Imagine your reusable calendar as the script of your day, your partner in time management . By recording your tasks, appointments, and objectives on pages provided for this purpose, you create a clear itinerary to maximize your time. It is impossible to predict everything, the unforeseen must not be eliminated but rather minimize the risks of an unforeseen event to prevent risks.

4. Use the Pomodoro Technique 🍎

The Pomodoro Technique, inspired by the belief that productivity flourishes in moments of intense concentration, is an approach that harmonizes work and breaks to maximize efficiency and thus better manage your time . Here's how it works, along with a simple diagram:

  1. Set Task: Choose the task you want to accomplish.

  2. Setting the Timer (Pomodoro): Set a timer for 25 minutes (a Pomodoro). This is your time dedicated to total concentration.

  3. Work Intensely: During the Pomodoro, immerse yourself fully in your task. Avoid distractions and stay focused.

  4. Short Break: Once the Pomodoro is finished, give yourself a 5-minute break. Now is the time to stretch, grab a snack, or take a short mental break.

  5. Repeat: Repeat this cycle. After four Pomodoros, take a longer break of 15 to 30 minutes.

5. Avoid procrastination 📆

Let's dive into the reasons why we procrastinate that are unfavorable to time management and discover simple solutions to stay grounded in daily action.

Identify the sources of the problem! Whether it's fear of failure, lack of motivation or simply feeling overwhelmed, understanding these factors equips us to counter procrastination.

Solution :

Setting artificial deadlines creates a sense of urgency, thereby boosting motivation. By associating each task with a reward, no matter how small, we shape our brains to perceive each mission as a step toward gratification.

6. If possible, delegate!! 🧑‍💻

If certain tasks seem overwhelming, share them. Think of delegating as entrusting pieces of a puzzle to your colleagues. It saves time and frees up energy for the truly crucial responsibilities.

7. Learn to say no to manage your time 🛑

Don't overload your schedule. Learn to say no to commitments that don't match your priorities (easier said than done, it must be admitted).

8. Organize your workspace 😎

Your workspace is your productivity stage. Reusable notebooks made in France are your organizational workers. No more loose paper is like clearing out the mess. And the ability to scan turns each page into a digital resource. Reusable sticky notes or "Ecosticks" add a touch of magic, sticking and peeling off according to your needs & above all you don't have to throw away these repositionable notes just reuse them for a green office. Your office becomes optimized for organization and above all in your head it is clearer!

9. Do you know the Eisenhower matrix? 👌

This simple approach provides a thoughtful perspective on the different tasks at hand. It is presented in the form of a model divided into four quadrants, each corresponding to a specific level of importance and urgency:

  1. Important and urgent tasks that require immediate action, to be handled as a priority.

  2. Important but not urgent elements to plan for proactive management.

  3. Unimportant but urgent items that can be handled quickly or delegated to others.

  4. Unimportant and non-urgent tasks, where processing can be abandoned or put aside.

Management of time

10. How to improve your concentration?

· Managing your time includes recognizing the importance of rest for optimal performance. 🌙💡

· Take notes during your readings or during a presentation. Do it efficiently with a reusable, durable, economical and environmentally friendly notepad !

· Adopt a healthy diet: the intestine is our second brain, don't forget it!

-Use visualization, a powerful technique, by creating mental images to aid memorization.

· Managing your time includes recognizing the importance of rest for optimal performance. 🌙💡

- It's a bit like recharging your batteries to better manage your time.

· Repetition, a proven memory strategy, strengthens short-term memory and facilitates the transfer of information into long-term memory.

11. Manage your screen time: 📱

Setting boundaries is like putting a barrier between you and the digital invasion. Remember, real life has no filters unless you use sunglasses. 🕶️

12. Sport, your best ally! 🏀🧠

Sport is your secret ally in becoming a master of concentration and therefore of time management , it helps our brain to stay focused on a task when necessary to better manage our time. With every sprint, with every stroke, you build mental strength. It's like every physical activity is a magic potion for your brain. When you focus on the ball or track, it's a mental practice disguised as a game. The next time you're immersed in a project, remember those times when your concentration was peaked, thanks to your athletic exploits .

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