Raising Eco-Heroes: 15 Ecological Activities to Raise Children’s Awareness of Sustainable Development

Élever des Éco-Héros  : 15  Activités écologiques pour sensibiliser les enfants au développement durable

Ecology, here is a subject that also interests children! As a parent and teacher, your responsibility is to teach them the right actions to preserve the environment from an early age so that they  continue to apply them even when they become adults. Here are 15 ecological and educational activities to raise their ecological awareness, whether at home or at school.

At home…

1. Family Gardening 🌱

Let's participate in an ecological activity by planting local flowers, herbs, vegetables or even a small tree. 🌺 Turn gardening into a shared adventure. Explain the importance and benefits of plants in the balance of our planet. So ready for an ecological activity surrounded by nature? 😊

2. Sorting Waste in Game Mode ♻️

Ecological family activity: sorting packaging before recycling. 🗑️! Turn waste sorting into an entertaining ecological game This will be just as much fun for the children!  Create colorful bins that are easy to understand, accessible to children to sort your waste and encourage children to become recycling masters.


3. Ecological Workshop 🎨

Creative ecological activity: transforming recyclable objects into artistic treasures or even make musical instruments!  Children will love creating art while learning to reduce waste.

4. Zero Waste Day 🌍

Organize a “zero waste” day where the whole family commits to minimizing waste. This ecological activity is an excellent way to raise awareness about responsible consumption.

5. Cook responsibly

Cook with your child in the healthiest way possible , prepare the meal opting for certified organic and seasonal foods. You can also find the recipe for an apple pie .

6. Make daily actions more ecological 🍃

Small daily ecological activities:

-Do not let the water run while brushing your teeth

-Lay out the television when you're not watching it

-Draw on both sides of a sheet

-Promote reusable objects

-Turn off the light during the day

At school…

7. Walk or bike to school

Opt for a bike or walk to school if distance permits, this ecological activity will have physical and mental benefits for your children.  The same goes for short trips that can be made this way (e.g. buying bread, etc.)

8. Collaborative Ecological Project 🤝

Encourage green projects/activities in class. Whether it’s a community garden or a recycling project, collaboration reinforces the eco-friendly message.

9. Educational Nature Outing 🌿

Organize outdoor outings. Children will learn to appreciate nature and understand the impact of preserving the environment.

10. Renewable Energy Education 💡

Integrate lessons on renewable energy. Create models of solar panels or windmills to make learning interactive.

10. Collaborative ecological project 🤝

Stimulate positive competitiveness by organizing ecological challenges. Who can save the most water or reduce electricity consumption?

12. Opt for eco-friendly supplies 📚

Prepare your children for back to school with eco-friendly supplies. When you have to make your choice, stop on one reusable notebook  who will be able to follow him for several years and help him with his learning.

At Home and School:

13. Green Book of Family and Class 📗

Create a “Green Book” where each child contributes with ecological actions carried out at home and at school. This eco-friendly activity is a great way to celebrate small victories.

14. Meetings with Local Eco-Heroes 🦸‍♂️

Invite local ecology experts to share their experiences. Children will be inspired by real environmental heroes.

15. Ecological challenge at home 🏡

Start a fun eco-challenge! Whether at home or in class, participants will take on eco-friendly missions such as saving water, reducing waste, or turning off the lights. Share successes in images and reward eco-champions. One challenge, two places, one happy planet! Together, at home and at school, let's cultivate a generation aware of the impact of their actions on our planet. These practices will create lasting memories and eco-friendly habits for a lifetime. 🌍✨

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