How to reduce the impact of your paper printing?

Comment réduire l'impact de vos impressions papiers ?

Recyclable media in favor of ecology

Paper is a well-established resource in businesses. However, its environmental impact is worrying. In order to make a ton of paper, you have to sacrifice three tons of wood! On a European scale, paper printing represents more than 33,300 pages per second, or 1000 billion impressions annually according to the International Data Corporation. Alternatives to reduce the carbon footprint exist. Stone paper or even reusable notebooks are solutions in favor of the environment. All recycling actions must be exploited in favor of ecology. Here are some tips to bring a breath of fresh air into your offices.

Stone paper for a sustainable economy

For the majority of companies, 75% of office waste is paper. However, they are increasingly sensitive to the carbon footprint generated by printing, knowing that the manufacture of a ream of 500 sheets of paper represents 8.5 kWh, or the equivalent of 629 g of CO2 released in the atmosphere!
We must move towards the circular economy model based on eco-design, recycling and sustainable production to reduce waste . It's about changing your operating habits to be able to respond to major ecological challenges.
One of the many alternatives to traditional paper is stone paper , a plastic substitute, high density polyethylene, bleached and opacified with a mineral filler of calcium carbonate. This material was made from waste from limestone quarries. This is an advantage in favor of ecology since it is biodegradable and resistant . Recyclable for a hundred years, stone paper is used to make notebooks , posters, notepads , business cards, envelopes, labels, etc. It is suitable for printing cardboard boxes and wrapping paper. This support is ideal for screen printing, rotogravure, relief or offset printing.

Opt for functional and reusable supports

New technological tools now make it possible to work cleanly while remaining efficient. We need to put an end to trash bins filled with crumpled papers and saturated notepads. The reusable or connected notebook is the solution to make you eco-responsible consumers, concerned about ecology. The reusable notebook comes with an eraser pen. Using a damp cloth can also be used to erase. It works the same way as a slate. The user can write and create according to their needs, without a guilty conscience. The reusable notebook can scan and digitize all your documents in order to share them or store them in your databases.
This innovative, constantly evolving product allows you to combine your daily work and your digital tools. Office waste recycling specialists strongly recommend this infinitely reusable office equipment. You will find models of different brands and designs on the market. There are standard notebooks with erasable and washable pages and those that offer more attractive digital features for multiple office tasks.
For managing your daily or weekly schedule, the multi-function reusable diary is ideal. This reusable notebook can be used like a normal almanac, with its monthly pages, notes and other tasks to complete.
The Reusable Notebook - EcoNotebk™

Control your paper consumption naturally

Double-sided printing techniques, or the combined function of your printer remain useful options for reducing paper or ink consumption . The challenge of “zero paper” in companies is far from being achieved. Although stone paper is compatible with some professional printers, it does not work with laser printers or copiers. Traditional paper is therefore still widely used, with the risks of waste and the piling up of office waste. This corresponds on average to 900,000 tonnes of paper per year in France. We must therefore think about recycling by calling on the companies responsible for collection.

At the same time, you can encourage your employees to adopt the right actions by using the already printed sheets as a draft. In order to limit the carbon footprint, it is also possible to choose recycled paper . This material contains no less than 50% cellulose fiber recovered from used paper. Today, recycled paper is very trendy. It has experienced progress since its arrival on the market, even if significant efforts remain to be made to promote this ecological support.

To conclude, know that there are legislative texts establishing the general framework of environmental regulations . By respecting these ecological rules as best as possible, you will lead your businesses towards innovation and success.

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