How to reduce your paper consumption?

Réduire sa consommation de papier

Despite the evolution towards a digital life, the French still use more than 8.8 million tonnes of paper each year. Everyone seems to read everything online today, and yet more than 2 billion books are printed each year. Additionally, more than 24 billion newspapers are printed each year, along with 350 million magazines. Only about half of available paper waste is recycled each year, with the other half ending up in local trash cans and waterways.

Obviously, a large part of this paper waste comes from businesses, such as offices, publishing houses, schools, colleges and the manufacturing industry. Faced with this problem, what are the ecological tips that will allow us to to optimize our paper consumption in order to save as many trees as possible?

Stop printing so much

Most individuals barely use their printer these days. In the office, it's a completely different story. The average office is still printing reports, logs, meeting notes, and many other items. So when you need to print something, you can easily adjust the margins to 0.75 inches and get more writing on each page. This reduces the number of pages on each document.

Buy recycled items

Recycled items are beneficial to the environment . With costs falling, you can now purchase many recycled items that you use every day. These products include paper plates, envelopes, greeting cards, books, notebooks, household paper products and others.

The consumer simply does not seek to know this on its packaging. These recycled items are on sale on the shelves, right next to products of the same type. Just search for the phrase “Made from recycled materials”.

Reusable notebooks reduce paper waste

These types of notebooks are very interesting for all people who want to minimize the consumption and cost of paper since they can take notes and write as much as they want, then erase the content.

Typically, the reusable notebook allows you to take notes on a piece of paper with the possibility of scanning your writings or drawings through an application and then saving them to the cloud.

With this eco-friendly notebook , you not only save money and paper, but you also reduce your footprint on the planet. Because even if you use recycled paper - and it's good to do so - manufacturing still involves a waste of resources and electrical energy.

Either because you want to take notes in class, in meetings or because you like to write or draw images, with these notebooks you can avoid wasting paper and convert everything you do to digital format!

Subscribe to online magazines

Who among us has a dusty old stack of magazines somewhere in our house? This is a fairly common problem. You can eliminate this problem by subscribing to online magazines . When you think about it, online publications are more relevant. Once a document is scanned, you can quickly search for information within it. It happened that you read something interesting and wanted to return to it, but you couldn't find the right book or magazine. With a digital version of magazines , it's easy to search digital materials of any length using a single keyword and find exactly what you're looking for. If you are one of the people who hate throwing away your old magazines, choose digital publications now.



Use electronic storage

Sometimes we all receive receipts, instructions, forms, and other important documents that we need to keep. It's now very easy to take a photo of these types of items and then store them on your hard drive . You can create files specifically for warranties, receipts, or whatever. There are now a number of handy apps that can make this even more convenient to use. Once these copies are on your computer or smartphone, you can save them by date or document type. It's much better than having a shoebox full of old receipts lying around with dust.

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