Create your bullet journal 📰😉

Créer son bullet journal 📰😉

The bullet journal can be described as a hand-written diary or diary. Inside, there is a list of more or less important things to do. These “To do lists” allow you to organize your schedule for the current week, month or year. This avoids forgetting important dates such as birthdays or planned outings with friends or family. Creating a bullet journal allows you to organize your life and decide on your time. If you also want to create one, follow the instructions:

Find the right material to create your bullet journal ✏️

When you decide to create a bullet journal, the first step is to choose the notebook that will contain the information. It can be a large or small format, flexible or rigid, checked or not, with or without binding. It depends on your preferences, your desires and your personality. However, an A5 or A6 format is more practical to take everywhere. You will find many formats on econotes suitable for your bullet journal.

reusable bullet journal notebook

Then, it is important to think about what your notebook will be used for: planning a schedule or simply writing down ideas? It's up to you to enter your projects and any checklists . Also, determine how often it will be used: every day or once a week. Once you have purchased your notebook, the choice of material will come. You don't need a lot of materials, other than pens, markers and/or stickers . Pens can be of all styles: shiny, matte, glitter. You can also add stickers or photos, write quotes to inspire you. Don't hesitate to add color to make your journal more lively. It should reflect your personality and make you want to use it. Your journal is a unique object that you won't find anywhere else.

Tips for organizing your bullet journal

In your diary, you can write whatever you want. You can schedule appointments and events from your schedule for the week. It can also be ideas like listing books you would like to read or movies to watch. Larger-scale projects such as a move or a wedding also have their place. So, you will write down the different steps in your diary so that you don't forget anything. Examples of tasks include: buying a birthday gift, booking a meal at a restaurant, planning a trip, making a doctor's appointment. Color codes make it easy to classify your actions: to do, in progress or completed. You can also highlight what is important, priority or ideas for later. Define important and secondary tasks.

To better organize yourself, you can:

  • Create an index
  • Number the pages
  • Set up a monthly or annual schedule
  • Fill your diary every day
  • Set up color codes to find your way around better or draw logos
  • Write a calendar at the beginning or end of your notebook

A creative journal where you let your imagination speak

Your bullet journal can start at any time of the year: over several weeks or months, there are no rules. This everyday ally can accompany you at any time of the day. You can indicate your schedule for the week, but also that of your family members . By preparing your week or month in advance, you will be more serene, because everything will be written in your diary: you will no longer have questions to ask yourself. But nothing prevents you from leaving blank pages dedicated to daydreaming in which you draw or write your inspirations. Also, give yourself the right not to follow the schedule to the letter. Even if you have noted something, it is possible to undo it. You have the right to make mistakes and nothing prevents you from starting another bullet journal that will better meet your expectations. When you open your journal, a part of you should be seen there. Write down what you like, the places you would like to visit, your dream job. Little by little, a life path will be defined. This will allow you to know yourself better and define your desires.

As you will have understood, your bullet journal is a valuable tool for deciding on your time and no longer being caught off guard . It's not just a diary, but a life schedule. Since most of your ideas are written down, you can reopen it as many times as necessary. It is an ideal ally for creating an effective schedule. Your time is precious and it is necessary to organize it as best as possible. So, gather your ideas and create your own bullet journal to support you every day.

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