Sustainable alternatives to plastic objects

Les alternatives durables aux objets en plastique

Plastic is an omnipresent element in our lives .

We find them everywhere, in all possible forms. Used too often and in multiple areas, the latter is invading the planet to the point of threatening fauna and flora .

However, it is possible to find a sustainable alternative to most of the plastic items we use day after day. Below are some examples.

Plastic stirrers, cups, straws and cutlery

These are objects consumed in the four corners of the world, in restaurants, in the office and even at home. The single use of these products and their composition constitutes a real ecological disaster. Their use is gradually being banned, but there is still a long way to go for them to completely disappear from our daily lives. However, it is very easy to replace them with recyclable objects which represent a sustainable alternative .

There is cutlery made from wood, bamboo, corn starch and even paper! Same thing for kitchen utensils: you can opt for stainless steel items. For plates, you can buy cardboard ones. Be careful, however, to select them carefully, because some are covered with a thin plastic film .

Lacking inspiration to replace the coffee machine cup? What if you simply bought a cup? They come in all sizes, shapes, colors: you're bound to find one that you like.

Always with the aim of developing a sustainable alternative to the use of plastic , new products for food use are offered for sale every year.

And the cling film?

Certainly practical for example for storing food in the refrigerator, the latter is only used once before being thrown in the trash and therefore constitutes a product which is not ecological.

Too frequently used, what if you replaced it with a sustainable alternative ?

You can use glass, bamboo or even silicone storage containers. Thanks to their lids, you no longer need cling film.

There is also the possibility of using a waterproof fabric or, the simplest and just as effective: instead of covering your dish with plastic film , simply cover it with a plate.

Plastic cotton swabs, toothbrushes and razors

In the field of hygiene, there too a sustainable alternative is possible.

For cotton swabs, keep in mind that they are not suitable for cleaning ears and contribute to the formation of earwax plugs. It would be better to use an ear pick, made of metal or stainless steel. This is a reusable item and much better suited to cleaning ears. Don't want to part with cotton swabs? So you can always buy ones made of wood or bamboo.

Regarding toothbrushes, if we haven't yet switched to electric ones, you simply need to buy bamboo ones. This material also has the advantage of limiting the proliferation of bacteria, an additional advantage for oral health.

For disposable razors, the sustainable alternative will take us back a little and make us (re)discover the safety razor. This is the ancestor of the disposable razor. It is a metal razor, equipped with a blade and which is used with shaving foam or gel. You will only have to change the blade from time to time and the little extra: you will benefit from a better shaving quality.


Plastic packaging, bags and water bottles

These are the most polluting objects on the planet. Who has never found a candy wrapper on a sidewalk? A bag that floats on water? Or an empty water bottle in a park?

Fortunately, here again, solutions exist. For packaging, avoid buying over-packaged products. Do you love pasta? Think about selling in bulk! For bags, nothing could be simpler, use reusable bags, kraft paper or even fabric.

Regarding the bottles, you are again spoiled for choice. When you are at home, a filter jug ​​and thanks to tap water, no more hassle of water packs. Outside ? The bottle will allow you to take the quantity of water you want with you everywhere.

As you see, the sustainable alternative to fight against these polluting materials is possible. You have at your disposal means to reduce the consumption of many plastic objects in your daily life. You are both making a gesture for the planet, and on top of that, you are saving money.

Thanks to everyone's awareness and everyone's small efforts, the sustainable alternative is a hope for making our planet more pleasant to live in. We must do it, day after day. For us, for the fauna, the flora, and the well-being of future generations.

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