Ecological gifts: what to choose?

Cadeaux écologiques : que choisir ?

Want to make a 100% eco-friendly gift? Here is our selection!

Today, ecology is getting more and more attention! Occupying the center of debates, it shows that society is increasingly sensitive to respect for the environment and sustainable development . Many things are being put in place in this direction and are gradually helping to reduce our waste and consumption. For this reason, we offer you a small list of gift ideas that will please your loved ones but also the planet!

An EcoNotebk diary or notebook

Every year, tons of paper are thrown in the trash, whether annual diaries or notebooks of all kinds! With its ecological products , EcoNotebk offers a range of stationery that respects the environment and sustainable development . Offering reusable diaries and notebooks , they make an ethical and original gift idea ! By adopting one of these notebooks , your loved ones will no longer have to spend a considerable budget on their diaries ! Indeed, EcoNotebk offers an ecological solution thanks to its particularity: when the notebook or diary is filled, simply erase its contents and start again! They will only have to use a wet wipe or their hair dryer and they will have a brand new diary or notebook in front of them. A perfect gift for stationery fans! In addition, their products are made from stone paper ! A much more resistant paper that does not require cutting down trees.

An insulated bottle

A gift idea that deserves its success! Today, we find insulated bottles of all colors and at all prices! It is therefore impossible that there is not one that will please those around you! This makes it a most appreciated ecological and economical gift ! Its use allows us to reduce a significant portion of waste and plastic! No need to buy bottles anymore, all they need to do is fill their insulated bottle to take it everywhere with them! From work to school to the gym, they will be able to use it constantly while respecting the ecological issue .

Washable diapers

This is a perfect gift idea for future or young parents! Every year, thousands of disposable diapers end up in the trash. In an ethical approach, washable diapers have gradually emerged in order to limit this quantity of waste. Offering them washable diapers will allow them to save money and respect the environment at the same time.

Menstrual panties

A more delicate but so practical ecological gift , menstrual panties offer hygienic protection that is as comfortable as it is durable ! Available in several styles, they allow women to feel pretty during this period and get through it pleasantly! No more need to spend money on disposable sanitary protection, all they need to do is wash these panties and reuse them.

Reusable cotton makeup remover wipes

It's well known that women like to look pretty and wear makeup! But when the evening comes, a lot of wipes end up in the trash. For this reason, packs of washable and reusable cotton wipes have been made to limit this daily waste . Also softer and respectful of the skin, these wipes will allow your loved ones to carry out their daily care in an ecological way.

Stainless steel straws

This is certainly not the first thing we think of when we talk about ethics, ecology and sustainable development . However, plastic straws represent a large amount of waste. Cocktails, fast food drinks, drinks at the cinema or even glasses for children, straws are used much more often than we think. And with their use, a considerable amount of plastic ends up in the trash. Recently, sets of stainless steel straws have emerged to address this problem and therefore represent a nice little gift idea . Reusable , these straws are simply washed between each use and are easily stored in cupboards.


Kits for creating cleaning products

In this ecological worldview, more and more people are attracted to homemade and natural products! So, we find more and more homemade recipes in all areas! Some brands now offer kits to create your own cleaning products . Zero waste, 100% natural and sustainable , these kits make a rather nice and above all very useful ecological gift idea .

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