Reusable notepad: efficiency and happiness! 😉

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Make a gesture for the environment and limit your daily paper consumption! Indeed, in France, this amounts to 150 kg per year per person. So, how to do it? Well, why not turn to nature-friendly solutions like reusable notepads ? Practical, ecological and economical, this innovative supply has many interesting advantages. Details right away.

The reusable notepad, a way to save money

By doing the math, you will see that paper constitutes a significant expense in your household. To remedy this problem, a reusable notepad is a much more economical solution. It actually allows you to use the same paper a hundred or even a thousand times. If it seems more expensive to buy, you can make it profitable in the medium/long term. You just have to erase its contents and rewrite on it as many times as you want.

The reusable notebook proves to be resistant and durable over time

A reusable notepad is specially designed to resist the effects of time, water and shock. So you don't have to worry about tearing or folding your pages. Likewise, if you are afraid of losing your notes, know that they will not be erased easily. In fact, an erasable pen with special ink will be delivered to you with your reusable notepad. Once dried, the ink can only be erased with a special eraser. It is therefore impossible to delete your notes by accident with your hand (by spilling water this is possible if you have just written your notes, however the page below will not be affected).

Limit deforestation with the reusable notepad

The paper industry is one of the causes of deforestation in the world (far behind migratory agriculture and livestock farming, however). However, this has disastrous repercussions on the environment in general. Of course, the reusable notepad may not be the solution to all environmental problems. However, it constitutes a significant element and an ecological solution which makes it possible to limit paper consumption. A schoolboy or college student can, for example, use the same reusable notebooks for several years of his schooling. It will therefore help to reduce the production of stationery. Less paper production also means fewer trees being cut down!

reusable notepad

The reusable notepad proves versatile

The reusable notepad can serve you in different ways. You can use it to take notes in class, to make your chore list or to draw. The erasable pen that accompanies the notepad will allow you great freedom in your movements. It also guarantees great comfort of use. In fact, each of the pages has been treated to be soft to the touch.

You can then scan your writings or drawings. This will allow you to save your pages, especially if they are particularly important. Once saved, the notes can be erased and you can start again.

Reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste by recovering your notepad

Once your notebook is full, it probably ends up in the trash. However, if you put together all the notebooks you've ever used before, they definitely add up to a hell of a lot of waste. Waste which will have more or less significant impacts on the environment. Hence the interest in using a reusable notepad .

In addition to the special eraser, your notepad will come with a complete cleaning kit . The latter will allow you to erase all the contents of your notebook. It can therefore appear as new even after yet another use. This of course depends on how you maintain it. However, as a general rule, you are not going to throw it away after 3 or 4 uses. This will help you limit the waste you put in the trash.

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