Choose an original customer gift

Choisir un cadeau client original

Both a loyalty tool and a vehicle for the values ​​held by the company, customer gifts are now essential. Certain objects have even become exercise classics such as disposable pens, tote bags or even logoed mugs. Choosing an original customer gift means making an impact by asserting your uniqueness and identity. Discover our selection.

A reusable notebook

In a society worried about overconsumption and waste, choosing a reusable notebook is a strong marker of one's ecological commitment. Practical because it is easily transportable, it is also the perfect accessory for taking notes quickly without risking mistakes. Its pages can be erased hundreds of times, and its completely waterproof paper resists everyday unexpected events. An unexpected and original gift par excellence, its lifespan ensures that the customer remembers the company that gave it to them on numerous occasions.

An infinitely erasable gel pen

An essential accessory to accompany the reusable notebook, the erasable gel pen is a perfect complementary gift as part of a pack or set of gifts for customers. Rechargeable, it is ecological and durable. Its thermosensitive gel ink erases under the effect of heat or the friction of the hard-wearing rubber which adorns its top. The different ink colors can be offered independently or in quartets, replacing the very popular 4-color disposable pens.

A reusable personalized diary

The personalized diary available in different colors is a practical choice, due to its intensive use both in the private sphere and in business. Having the possibility of reusing your diary from one year to the next represents an ecologically intelligent choice by reducing paper consumption, and an economically interesting choice.


Seeds to plant

Advertising seeds are a poetic idea for a customer gift. Their sachet can be completely personalized to match the company's brand image, and the choice of seeds can have a symbolic value linked to the products or services offered. Enough to spark ideas for collaboration!

Sweets to taste

Significantly linked to the image of France internationally, the culture of pastry and desserts as a whole remains as attractive as ever. Specially adapted to international customers, high-end sweets such as macarons will always have an effect. In a pretty personalized and logoed box, they will be even more appreciated. Madeleines can also be offered in traditional iron boxes, adding to the tricolor charm of these sweets.

High-tech objects

Choosing to offer a high-tech gift means opting for an original and fashionable present. Ranging from USB cable to VR headset to wireless charging supports for smartphones, the high-tech accessory corresponds to modern uses, which ensures it will appeal to several generations of customers. Depending on the type of object selected, it can be 100% personalized by its color, the finishes of its model, and the affixing of a logo.

Sports accessories

If the promotional shopping bag is a classic customer gift, the personalized sports bag can represent an interesting alternative. The same goes for smartphone bracelets and running accessories, or even branded water bottles. Jogging also has more and more fans, justifying the proliferation of easily transportable accessories. Personalized in the company colors, the sports accessory is an original gift choice for your employees.

Tea or coffee boxes

The box made up of a variety of teas or coffees is a sure value customer gift, although not often used. Customizable from the box to the variety of tea or coffee offered, it is part of the category of consumable products, while having the advantage of being stored easily and for a long time.

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