Zero-waste habits to adopt in the office

Les habitudes zéro-déchet à adopter au bureau

More than ever, we must pay attention to our consumption and our waste. Indeed, the planet is warming and this will cause irreversible damage to our environment , but also to our descendants. Everyone is invited to make an effort and adopt zero-waste habits to make their contribution. However, know that you should not only take these reflexes at home, you can also pay attention to our environment while being at the office . Here are some zero-waste habits you absolutely must adopt. They cost you nothing, but are valuable for the preservation of our planet .

Grab your cup for your coffee break

At the office, you will certainly have a coffee or a hot drink during your break. Generally, the employer leaves cups available to employees. However, the cups are only used once before being thrown in the trash. Additionally, if they are plastic, they are not recyclable. To avoid having to take a cup at each café, you can simply bring your own cup. Simply clean it with water and a little dishwashing liquid between each drink. If you dare to bring your cup, you can be sure that all your colleagues will imitate you.

Always have cutlery with you

At lunchtime, if you eat your meals at the office, you probably have a salad or a prepared dish. Plastic cutlery is often left in these dishes. Be aware that they are polluting and difficult to recycle. To do something for the environment , you can adopt certain zero-waste habits such as taking your cutlery at home and bringing it back to the office. You only need a knife, a fork and a spoon that you will wash between each use directly at work.

Stop bringing plastic bottles

We will keep telling you: be careful what you buy. Plastic bottles are the most polluting everyday objects. They are lying around everywhere, they are almost never recycled and they can even be found in nature. Yet it’s so easy not to bring bottles to the office. All you need to do is invest in a nice bottle that you will fill with tap water or water from the office fountain. If you don't like the taste, there are filters and tablets.

Avoid pods and tea bags as much as possible

In most offices, we now find beautiful coffee makers like Nespresso or Tassimo. Yes, coffee is delicious, but pods are a real scourge for the planet. If you can, include in your zero-waste habits the fact of grinding your coffee yourself and using an old-fashioned coffee maker. Our elders were certainly not wrong.

Limit your consumption of stationery

At work, you probably have a mountain of papers, notebooks and pens. You don't even know what to do with it anymore so you waste it. However, a printed sheet can be used as a draft later. In addition, nothing prevents you from writing on both sides of the sheet. Do as much as possible to reduce your paper consumption .

Absolutely avoid printing sheets that will not be useful to you later. This way, you will save trees that are useful to our planet. In addition, the ink used in printers is particularly polluting. The less you use, the better off you will be. These little zero-waste habits will change absolutely nothing to your productivity and the way you work.

Turn off the electricity as soon as you leave the office

Have you ever walked around office areas in the middle of the night? You can be sure to find lights on even though no one is in the premises. Before leaving your room, even if it's just for a few minutes, remember to turn off the light . Likewise, unplug your computer and electronic devices while on vacation. These zero-waste habits can reduce company costs and preserve the planet . Would you leave everything on at home when you leave?

Delete your emails as you go

On the surface, the mall seems not to pollute at all. After all, no paper or ink had to be used to transfer it. However, the email is stored in servers which overheat and pollute. As soon as you have read an email and you are no longer going to use it again, delete it .


sort waste

At the office, you must adopt the same zero-waste habits as at home: you must sort your waste . Food waste obviously goes into the trash. However, loose paper and cardboard packaging can be recycled. So give a second life to your cardboard coffee packet or your scrap sheets while doing something for the environment .

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