Ecological/eco-responsible goodies

Goodies entreprise écologiques

At a time when the collective ecological conscience seems to be awakening and where everyone aspires to contribute their part to the building, ecological goodies seem to be more and more popular with consumers.

The different kinds of goodies resulting from an eco-responsible approach

It's sometimes difficult to find your way among all these items, because the offer is so varied and the customization is infinite.

Thus, we can obtain goodies made for everyday life: ecological toothbrush, fabric make-up remover wipes, coffee mug, recycled umbrella, etc., as well as items for rarer use: cuddly toys made from recycled materials, games of old companies brought up to date in materials such as wood, small household appliances, biodegradable confetti, plantable calendars, etc. The choice is endless , it must be assumed that any existing item can be adapted to eco-responsible fashion .

And contrary to popular belief, buying an ecological item does not cost more, on the contrary! Advertising item sales sites offer sales in large quantities, so it quickly pays off to purchase numerous items to benefit from the best prices on the market.

Goodies as an eco-responsible gift in the professional context

In many companies, it is customary at the end of the year to select typical gifts , most of which will have a professional use , in order to send to all or part of their customer portfolio. So, if giving goodies has already become a common practice, there is only one small step left to take before making it an eco-responsible gesture .

Among the most popular goodies within professional structures we can find notebooks , pens , everything related to the world of stationery (bookmarks, post-its, speakers), but also mats. mice, pencil holders, ecological storage kits, as well as other more high-tech gadgets such as USB keys, wireless phone chargers and even Bluetooth speakers.

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But then, what is the difference between so-called “classic” goodies and those that are part of an ecological approach? In most cases, everything will come down to the chosen subjects. Exit plastic and other materials that are not very respectful of the planet, we now opt for wood from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible manner, and for recycled materials in general. From the manufacturing process to packaging, we follow an eco-responsible approach , minimizing the impact on the planet and reducing waste as much as possible.

Thus, it is entirely possible to combine technology with respect for our planet's natural resources ! All of these objects remain in the vast majority of cases extremely customizable , whether in terms of design, size, colors, and especially the affixing of a logo, which is of particular interest to professionals. Advertising communication has thus adapted to the ecological approach increasingly present within our society.

The most popular goodies on the market

- The perpetual notebook . It is a notebook whose use is almost indefinitely prolonged, to the extent that everything written on it can be erased with a simple damp wipe. All we have to do is start from scratch! This item is also available in the form of notepads , diaries , etc. Discover our collection of reusable notebooks .

- In recent years, we have heard a lot about the need to reduce waste, particularly plastic waste. This is why the water bottle , whether glass or stainless steel, has had enormous success and is a very popular ecological goodie .

- Bamboo toothbrushes . Here too, the idea being to reduce waste , replacing plastic with materials such as wood or bamboo has been one of the most implemented approaches.

- Depolluting plant boxes . Very popular with professionals as customer gifts , these small boxes bring a plant touch, a natural side and a touch of relaxation to a work desk, immediately making it much more ecological .

- Tote bags . In both a personal and professional context, it has been THE fashionable item for several years. Made from natural or recyclable materials, the tote bag has established itself as a real must-have.

- The unbeatable in the professional context probably remains the pen bearing the company's image. It's still relevant today, but now in materials that are good for our planet!

You can also consult numerous specialized sites offering thousands of customizable items for sale, always respecting our environment . There is now no reason not to get started. It's up to everyone to now adopt an ecological approach in the way they purchase promotional items !

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