Eco-responsibility at the office

Bureau éco-reponsable, bureau green

How can you show that you are participating in the environmental cause in your own way?

Small changes in your daily habits can already make a difference. And since most of us spend at least 8 hours a day at work , why not start there and adopt eco-responsible actions at the office ?

Limit the use of heaters

Every day, a business wastes energy. In winter, a temperature of 19°C is ideal for boosting the productivity of your employees. In fact, it has been proven that too much heat harms concentration.

Choose and use your IT equipment wisely

Computers, printers, photocopiers... are essential in the office. Since you cannot work without this equipment, learn eco-responsible actions to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, when you are not working in front of your screen, get into the habit of activating sleep mode. When leaving in the evening, turn off your computer completely, because sleep mode still consumes energy (half of what a device consumes when running). For emails, optimize the size of your files, and limit sending to what is strictly necessary. For computer consumables, choose multifunction devices. A printer that can print, photocopy and scan a document is more environmentally friendly than three devices. Also, reduce the number of copies to save ink and paper. Moreover, limit the number of papers used as much as possible. For documents that don't need to be printed, store them in digital format. In this sense, discover our econotes reusable notebooks .

Automate certain mechanisms

Unfortunately, turning off the computer every evening is not an innate reflex for some workers. Likewise, turning off the light when leaving a room is not a habit for many. However, artificial lights left on all day consume a lot of energy. In fact, they constitute nearly 40% of a company's energy consumption. The ideal is to favor natural light and install lighting systems with motion detection. So instead of playing police, invest in energy-efficient devices that automatically turn off lights and computers when they are not active. You will reduce your CO2 emissions and your energy bills.

Eco-responsible office

Think about reusable and recyclable equipment and accessories

Paper and plastic cups are major sources of waste. To reduce them, opt for washable cups and glasses. Likewise, bring your own water bottle to limit the use of plastic bottles. At lunch, bring your meal in reusable boxes, made with recyclable materials. To protect your health, choose stainless steel and glass over plastic. The latter indeed contains toxic products harmful to health.

Adopt green plants

Green plants have the power to clean the air in the office . Did you know that the work environment can be very polluted? Between cleaning products and computer equipment that emit volatile organic compounds, the air in the office is not the healthiest. Adopting green plants in reception and work spaces helps to purify the air, because they capture molecules present in the air. In addition, green plants help brighten up your decoration and put a good mood while increasing creativity. All the more reason to adopt them in the office!

Move smart

Personal cars have a big impact on the environment: energy consumption, CO2 emissions, etc. In addition, they take up a significant part of a budget each year, between fuel and repair costs. Not to mention possible fines. For eco-responsibility in the office , think about alternative means of travel. Walk, bike, carpool, public transportation... and keep your car for family visits and vacations. In addition, walking and cycling are good for your figure and health. Why deprive yourself of it?

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