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Explore our exclusive range of erasable pens, designed to last. Our pens are refillable and reusable and they offer you a smooth and long-lasting writing experience, while preserving the environment. Don't let a single idea evaporate, write endlessly with your erasable pen. ☘️

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Our range of erasable pens

Our wooden erasable pens are not just writing instruments, they are personalized works of art. Made from carefully selected quality wood, these pens feel natural and warm between your fingers.

The blue erasable pen embodies tranquility and serenity. Whether you're writing important notes at work or sketching out creative ideas, the calming shade of blue accompanies you in style.

The green erasable pen , for its part, evokes the freshness of nature. Ideal for those who like to bring a touch of liveliness to their writing, this pen transports you to the heart of greenery, whether you are in a meeting or in your meditation corner.

The black erasable pen offers timeless sophistication. Perfect for those who love clean, precise writing, black embodies power and elegance in every stroke.

The red erasable pen , the color of boldness and emotion. This pen is like a blazing fire ready to illuminate your most ardent thoughts

How to refill your erasable pen?

Start by gently unscrewing the top of the pen, where the tip usually sits.
Remove the empty refill by gently pulling on it. Make sure you do this carefully to avoid any damage.
Take an ink refill compatible with your erasable pen. These refills are often available at office supply stores.
Insert the new refill into the pen, making sure to fit it correctly. You should feel a slight resistance when inserting.
Screw the top of the pen back on to seal it tightly.
Shake the pen lightly to allow the ink to distribute evenly in the tip.

There you go, your erasable pen is now recharged and ready to use.

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