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econotes gel pen refills

The erasable ink of econotes friction pens allows you to write, draw and erase as many times as you want.
The thermosensitive gel ink is erased by friction using the eraser tip unwearable present at the end of your pen.
The friction effect allows you to increase the temperature of the ink to over 70°C and erase your notes.

Suitable for synthetic paper and wood paper substrates.

Even more efficient with your Econotebook

The paper ultra resistant of your Econotebk allows you to erase your writings several hundred times without altering the quality of the paper.

Permanently and easily erase your writing with a slightly damp cloth. EcoNotebk paper is waterproof unlike wood paper which cannot permanently erase your notes (the ink reappears at a temperature of -10°C when erased by friction or heat)

You can also quickly erase your notes with a hair dryer.

EcoNotebk friction pens are available in four colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green


1. Q: How to use your EcoNotebk pen?

2. Q: How long does the ink take to dry?
A: As your EcoNotebk notebook is made of synthetic paper, we suggest waiting 10 to 15 seconds for the ink to be completely dry.

3. Q: Does the pen have an eraser?
A: The pen has a special eraser that only erases the ink.

4.Q: The pen is dry/not working…
A: Put your pens in the freezer for around thirty minutes.
They should work normally after a few minutes.

5.Q: How to erase effectively when the ink has been dry for several weeks?
A: 1. Heat the ink using a hair dryer.

2. Let the page cool for a few minutes.
3. Use a damp cloth to erase the last visible traces of ink.