XL Writing Kit - EcoNotebk™

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Notebook: A4
Notepad: A7

The EcoNotebk™

XL writing kit

1 EcoNotebk
(optional, please refer to the characteristics tab to know the style of the interior pages offered according to the formats)
1 Notepad of your choice

4 Pens
(1 blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 black)

A notebook, a notebook or a notepad for life, what do you think?

Reusable and Ecological

A paper flexible , resistant , waterproof , ecological And reusable hundreds of times... It's now possible!

Take notes

There's no better feeling than putting your notes and ideas down in a notebook. The pen supplied with the Reusable Notepad allows you to write , draw and erase as you would in your usual notebook.

Also include color !

Like the EcoNotebk™, the Notepad Reusable can be used perfectly with erasable and refillable colored gel pens .


Export your work

Download the Adobe Scan application :

Scan your notes

Upload your designs

Store securely in the cloud

Share your work via your phone


Three options for erasing:

After saving your notes you can use:

1- The eraser equipped on your gel pen, for precise correction

2- A damp cloth for a quick correction

3- A hair dryer to refurbish your Reusable Notepad


Add color:

Your EcoNotebk™ Reusable Notebook can be used perfectly with erasable colored gel pens without altering the notebook after erasing.

    Technical characteristics

    Notebook format of your choice:

    A4 format: 297 x 210 mm 60 pages (30 sheets) with large squares
    B5 format: 250 x 176 mm 60 pages (30 sheets): 30 first pages with lines + 30 blank pages with dots
    A5 format: 210 x 148 mm 100 pages (50 sheets) - first 50 pages with lines + 50 blank pages with dots

    Notepad format of your choice:
    A7 format: 105 x 74 mm , 90 pages (45 sheets) with lines

    A6 format: 148 x 105 mm , 90 pages (45 sheets) with small squares

    2 black pens, 1 pen holder, 2 microfiber wipes and a 4-color pen pack included


    • Keep your notebook protected from extreme conditions to preserve your notes (rain, heat + 70°C)
    • Pen ink fades with humidity and heat (+70°C)
    • Do not heat a wet page
    • Do not use disinfectant wipes or any other solutions containing alcohol or chemicals
    • Make sure the pages are completely dry before closing the notebook to prevent the pages from sticking

    For optimal use of your EcoNotebk, please consult our user guide by clicking here