Carbon footprint

The objective of a Carbon Assessment is to measure all the emissions physically necessary for the activity of a company,
including its upstream activities (supply, freight, etc.), its production activities and its downstream activities (distribution, use of products sold, etc.)


EcoNotebk is one of the first SMEs to have carried out its Carbon assessment. This allowed us to identify axes
improvements to move towards a more greenhouse gas-efficient business model.

Our engagements

In order to continue to reduce our GHG emissions, we aim to go even further:

By offering packaging
reusable and 100% recyclable.

By raising awareness among our teams
to the zero waste movement.

By favoring maritime transport
and low-carbon deliveries.

By banning the
business travel by plane.

By integrating eco-design into
our entire production chain.

By reducing the impact of our uses
digital and our website.

* Our carbon footprint was carried out by the consultancy firm ATEO , the relative data can be consulted on the Adème website.