Our history

Return to touch, to sense, to humanity

In an increasingly digital, increasingly technological world, writing reminds us that it is from the hands of men and women that the greatest ideas are born, those we need to imagine and build a world. best.

“Writing is the last of the manual professions”

Econotes is a brand specializing in reusable stationery founded by three partners committed to sustainable development. Econotes develops creative solutions to combat waste and overconsumption of paper.

Our history

After shared experiences in Australia, Stephen, Faustine and Luc settled in the south of France to develop their brand of reusable notebooks, Econotes.
This experience in Australia fueled their strength and ambition by shaping a very strong desire for entrepreneurship.
It was then that, in 2018, Stephen looked at the paper industry, the production of which can be more polluting than we imagine. There are few things more ephemeral than paper!

It was in 2019 that Econotes was born, with an innovative and responsible solution, offering notebooks of a new kind, you can write, erase, start again.

Our mission

Create and distribute a complete range of sustainable stationery products to support responsible consumption of our planet's non-renewable resources.


42% of wood in the world is used to make paper, 17% even coming from virgin forests, even though this biosphere must be respected and protected.

In addition, between 12,000 and 50,000 liters of water are required per tonne of paper produced (recycled or non-recycled paper), the paper industry also being very energy intensive.

According to the Ecological Transition Agency, paper represents 75% of office waste and is ultimately very little recycled. 

“Our thinking is that we must move from disposable to reusable, in all areas”

The entire Econotebook team!
The entire Econotes team at our Mougins workshop, February 2023.