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Choisir un cadeau client original

Choose an original customer gift

Both a loyalty tool and a vehicle for the values ​​held by the company, customer gifts are now essential. Certain objects have even become exercise classics such as disposable pens, tote bags or...

Les habitudes zéro-déchet à adopter au bureau

Zero-waste habits to adopt in the office

More than ever, we must pay attention to our consumption and our waste. Indeed, the planet is warming and this will cause irreversible damage to our environment , but also to our descendants. Every...

Goodies entreprise écologiques

Ecological/eco-responsible goodies

At a time when the collective ecological conscience seems to be awakening and where everyone aspires to contribute their part to the building, ecological goodies seem to be more and more popular w...

Bureau éco-reponsable, bureau green

Eco-responsibility at the office

How can you show that you are participating in the environmental cause in your own way? Small changes in your daily habits can already make a difference. And since most of us spend at least 8 ho...