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To give a nice gift without spending hours wrapping it: choose the A4 size fabric gift bag.
It is the ideal pouch for packaging, in a sustainable and ecological way, our A4 format notebooks , our A5 format notebooks , our diaries , our A6 format notepads, our pens and our ecostiks .

Chic and reusable gift packaging!

Technical characteristics

Coated cotton canvas pouch, it is washable and reusable.

Recommended for our A6 format products and Ecostiks pouches.
It is possible to put an A6 notepad, a pen and ecostiks inside the pouch.


310 x 330mm


coated cotton canvas pouch

Zero waste!

washable and reusable

Pouch weight

60 grams


100% in France

We're getting excited the French way!

A few words about the brand

We wrap ourselves in the French way is the alternative to gift wrap. A coated cotton gift wrap, reusable almost infinitely, which can be used like gift wrap, a complete kit for sustainably wrapping. A design suitable for all occasions, to be used all year round. A committed approach towards zero waste, to finally make the use of gift wrapping eco-responsible. Each product comes with a sheet of reusable stickers and a travel notebook to help you understand the journey taken by this packaging. With Let's get excited à la française, we rediscover the pleasure of wrapping gifts like with paper without them ending up in the trash. On s'épack à la française is the only brand to develop fabric gift wrapping that can be used like gift paper, which folds and tapes... no loss, no waste and what's more, it can be reused!

We're getting excited the French way!

Reusable gift wrapping?

It’s actually the sustainable and (almost) zero waste version of the disposable wrapping paper roll. This small pouch is entirely designed and made in France: from weaving the cotton fabric to sewing the bag. We have selected Oeko Tex certified coated cotton: an additional guarantee of quality.

We're getting excited the French way!


100% French production, workshops on a human scale, products that can be reused more than 100 times, a travel diary that encourages reuse, that's all that We're getting carried away in the French way, but not only that! If the gift packaging is eco-responsible, the brand is also committed.

Some tips

Find here part of the FAQ for Let's get excited à la française

My packaging is wrinkled

If necessary, you can iron all our gift packaging. For the pouch, use a soft iron, taking care to place a cloth between the soleplate of the iron and the pouch.

I stained my reusable gift wrap

The reusable “We’re getting excited à la française” packaging is made of fabric so you can wash it with a sponge. You can also machine wash them at 30 degrees. Please note, no tumble dryer.

Why don't you do a Christmas print?

Gifts are all year round!!!
Making Christmas prints would limit the reuse of our packaging. It would then be more difficult to use them for birthdays and other holidays.

Why is “French-style” packaging more eco-responsible?

Wrapping the French way with our gift packaging reduces all processing cycles. Although recycled and recyclable paper is a good alternative, it systematically induces a new chain with human impact, use of water and energy.

As our packaging is reused, in the long term it becomes less and less impactful for the environment.

Still have questions ?

If you haven't found the answer to your question, click on the button below to access the complete FAQ of Let's get excited à la française!